"Good Afternoon, I just wanted to touch base with you to say ... thank you. I just attempted Jason's first IPP meeting and I have to say it was a positive one. The resource teacher who administered Jason's assessment last week said in all her years she had never have a student get 100% on the assessment before. She and his math teacher feel Jason doesn't require an IPP and will be monitoring Jason in the coming months in order to remove him from it.  They made a point to tell me how confident he is in mathematics and that he isn't afraid to ask for help. Truly as a parent this was the best meeting I have ever had regarding Jason's academic performance and I attribute that to the learning  experience he had and Kings View Academy.  Jason enjoyed his time there this summer and we are hopeful there will be an opportunity to do it again next year!"

- submitted by Jason's mother, August 2017

"Hi Dr. MacDonald, I'm pretty sure my mom already mentioned to you that I'm going to work from home today, but I just wanted to let you know just in case. anyways, I'm really emailing you because I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving KVA! I love how supportive the teachers are, I love the kids, I love the system and I love everything! It makes me excited to come to school every morning! Furthermore, I really appreciate all you've done for me, and how you always try your absolute best at everything you do for the school. I really appreciate how enthusiastic you are about teaching and encouraging kids to learn, and I couldn't ask for any better math teacher. KVA is by far the best school I've ever been too!"

- submitted by a current student, March 2018


"Teaching at KVA after fifteen years in public schools in New Brunswick, I have a renewed passion for my profession. This is what teaching and learning should be! One on one instruction with time and energy devoted to the students and focused in the specific way that each unique student needs. I can truly know each of my students as an individual and learn what makes them tick. I can appeal to their interests and cater the courses to these as well as their needs and desires. I can respond instantly to any concerns or difficulties that are identified, and rectify these in a timely manner. I am aware of each student's progress towards their desired objectives, and I can respond whenever those objectives or goals change and assist them whenever they are getting off track. It is truly the best environment for education that I can imagine as a teacher."

- submitted by Paul Lenarczyk, Vice-Principal, English and Drama Head, KVA, December 2018