Performing Arts Program

This includes the KVA Music Program, Halifax Dance, MCPA Professional Dance Program and the KVA Drama Program. These collaborative programs allow students to continue both their academic and performance studies from grades 6 -12.

Music Program

KVA now offers Nova Scotia Department of Education Music courses. Our music teacher, Mr. Patrick Burgomaster, has integrated instrumental music as a medium through which the course curriculum is introduced, discussed, shown, and learned.  In addition to these programs we have many musicians and music instructor/teacher partners who are ready and willing to take on more students, for those who wish to focus on a specific instrument or performance. We can also accommodate any practice/instruction schedule and thus allow a student to meet with his or her instructor during the day, and this will not interfere with academics.


KVA has many partners who can provide training in a variety of sports, including soccer, rowing/paddling, and personal training (for example Mixed Martial Arts and Powerlifting). For sessions that occur during the day, KVA provides the scheduling flexibility that allows students to progress academically and athletically every day.



Gifted and Talented Students

KVA prides itself on meeting the unique needs of Gifted and Talented students. Based on our independent program model and our capacity to foster self-direction in all of our students, we offer extra and enriched curriculum for those students who want a more in-depth experience with the content; compacting and accelerated programming of the content to allow for students' progression at a quicker, more authentic rate; and grouping of gifted and talented students together. In addition, we can also provide enrichment in the form of non-traditional courses not normally included with public education, as well as community partnerships and mentoring to further enrich students' learning experiences through KVA.