International Students Overview

Support for ESL and International Students

We offer an integrated ESL program specializing in students who wish to attend an English-language university.   When we receive the application form, transcript, and teacher recommendations for international applicants we create a program of study that will set out effective goals and a plan to achieve those goals.  If additional English language study is recommended to help achieve academic goals more effectively, we can put English as a Second Language study and practice at the beginning of the program to help students be more effective at their English Language academic study.  We can also extend the academic program so that international students who need help with English competency are not forced too early into English language study.

Students in our program can learn English integrated with academic courses at King’s View Academy, depending on the student.  We also have partners who specialize in helping non-native English speakers become competent with speaking, reading and writing English.  Students study to prepare for university entrance. We offer the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program which allows students to earn university credit while attending high school. Courses emphasize reading comprehension, grammar and composition skills, as well as all areas of mathematics including pre-calculus.

After an initial assessment, a profile is created for each student to determine their strengths and areas of remediation. Students work one-on-one with teachers to improve and enhance their skills. Visits to universities in the area, and help with preparing university applications are also arranged.