At King's View Academy everything we do is designed to support the learning goals and needs of our students. Our educational model is designed to maximize learning abilities and experiences, from the students, to teachers, to KVA administrators.

Historically, KVA's educational model was based on the GoldlakeSM Program. We have reviewed this program and how it has been implemented, and in consideration of the changes we have seen in higher education and the evolving learning needs of our youth, we have a fresh approach to how we support the learning needs of our students, as outlined below.

Overall Model

At KVA we recognize the wide variety of learners and learning preferences, and we see this in our students. One of our goals, consistent with the university preparation mandate of KVA, is to foster and support self-direction in all of our learners. Presentation and group instruction will always be available at KVA, but we prefer to provide these as resources for the students to use as they responsibly progress toward their learning goals.

Independent Curriculum and Program

KVA responds to the learning needs of students with talents and specialties, such as performing arts and athletics.  At KVA, students are faced with many options beyond the Nova Scotia Dept of Education courses offered.  At KVA students will find enrichment opportunities in all areas, within and beyond NS curriculum.  KVA's educational model is designed to accommodate all students having an individual program.

Flexible Scheduling and Enrollment

With each KVA student following an independent program, we function with flexibility in scheduling so that any single student at any time can progress toward achieving learning goals.  There are always learning resources available to any student at any time, including one-on-one teacher time; rich text resources; Internet resources; and other students.

Students who choose to strictly follow teachers' presentations, instruction and scheduling have the same resources available to them as self-directed students working on their own balance of content and pace, and progressing toward mastery of outcomes on their own terms.


We have implemented an enrichment program that fits well within our independent program and flexible scheduling model. To meet the needs of gifted and talented student, depending upon the specific needs of individuals, we can compact and accelerate curriculum and program, group together students with similar interests, and provide extra content and/or depth.

Assessment at KVA

At KVA, teachers emphasize presentation of curriculum and learning support. More time focused on learning results in better learning. Whether students follow the instructional model or the self-directed model (or anywhere in-between), teachers have prepared and scheduled assessment that they can offer to evidence the mastery of any outcome.

If students are not ready when assessment is offered, or are unsuccessful, they have further opportunities to show evidence of outcome mastery. This usually takes the form of students presenting this evidence directly to teachers. If the evidence shows mastery or partial mastery, according to the individual teacher, he or she will validate and report these learning successes. In the end, we strive to give students multiple opportunities to show mastery of outcomes.

Academic Responsibilities

In contrast to other educational models, KVA has separated the duties of supporting learning (teaching), assessment, reporting of assessment, and tracking progress. Normally all are the teacher's responsibility. At KVA the teacher's focus is on supporting learning. Teachers are also involved in assessment, but to a lesser extent to free up more time to support learning. Reporting and tracking are not responsibilities of KVA teachers.

Administration and Learning Facilitators

KVA administrators are also learning facilitators. They track student progress on a day-to-day basis, accept teachers' reports of successful outcome mastery and record them (to facilitate tracking progress) and maintain and report student progress. At any day during any school year the learning facilitator can show any student's progress in terms of outcomes mastered, outcomes partially mastered, current potential to complete the course, and likely amount of time it will take the student to master most or all of the outcomes (whether shorter or longer than the ideal course length). Each day the learning facilitator checks on current progress for all students and prioritizes one-on-one contact with those students whose progress is less than ideal.


KVA teachers are experts in their curricular areas and strive to present the content is creative and captivating ways. Their daily schedules are arranged to allow maximum one-on-one time for all students. They are also responsible for the first assessment of any part of the curriculum for any of their students. KVA does not


Each student at KVA is responsible for knowing his or her own program goals, and to know long-term and short-term goals at any given time. Students are ultimately responsible for their own learning, and thus learning progress (but are constantly supported by teachers and learning facilitators.) Although validation and reporting of mastery are not the responsibilities of students, they are responsible to give evidence of outcome mastery so that they can receive validation and credit. Within KVA's flexible model we allow students to approach teachers individually with evidence of outcome mastery for the teacher's evaluation.

Curriculum/Course Links

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