King's View Academy started in 2000 as a small private school, serving the needs of performing artists who needed academic flexibility to train during "school hours". KVA has always focused on helping students to find and develop the genuine person within. Truly knowing who we are is the first step in progressing through an authentic education that is truly individual.

For the first 14 years of KVA we were housed in the Maritime Conservatory building on Chebucto Rd in Halifax. We moved from there to our current location on Brunswick Street (at the corner of Sackville, at the foot of Citadel Hill) in 2014, sharing space with the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

KVA has traditionally served the needs of performing artists mainly, but we are expanding our model to support more specialties, including athletics as well as gifted and talented students.


Independent Programs, Flexible Scheduling, Learning Support and Fostering Self-Direction

The educational approach of KVA is unique to Halifax, and represents a small minority in global education. Or focus is on supporting the individual development of each of our students. To this end we provide the following:

  • Independent Program - selected based on the individual needs of the students. Starting with Nova Scotia Department of Education curriculum and the student's specialties (dance, music, athletics, ...) we formulate a set of goals and work backwards to create a program that we can track outcome-by-outcome so that we and the student are always aware of progress and what is left to be successful.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling - so that students can work toward concurrent goals in multiple disciplines. We do not enroll cookie-cutter students, all with identical goals. Our students are all unique and thus our educational approach caters to this uniqueness. KVA helps all students to be organized and aware of long-term goals and short-term outcomes to make intelligent choices that affect learning progress along multiple paths.
  • Maximized Learning Support, Minimized Assessment - KVA teachers' priority is to support student learning. Our teachers are experts in their content areas and prepared to present curriculum in compelling ways, both teacher-to-group and one-on-one. Assessment at KVA takes many forms so that test anxiety is reduced and learner preferences are not ignored. Ultimately, KVA assessment is used to report mastery of curricular outcomes. If an assessment does not show a student's improved mastery of an outcome, it does not form part of the permanent record of that student's progress. And students may ask that teachers re-assess the evidence of mastery so that students' learning is recognized, even if the teacher has moved on to another unit.
  • The Instruction ↔ Self-Direction Continuum - represents the variety of ways in which students interact with teachers, sometimes indicated as teacher-centered ↔ student centered. As part of KVA's University Preparation, we foster the development self-direction (student-centered learning) in all of our students, Ultimately, self-directed learners are in control of their learning, and can plan and learning anything they choose.


Student Schedules

With flexibility and independent programs, student schedules are based more on individual learning progression than class times. Many specialty programs have fixed schedules, so KVA provides the academic flexibility for our students to attend those schedules and still progress in all academics.