Admissions at King's View Academy is an easy process. We believe that all learners are unique and that our educational model empowers all learners. We have students attending full-time; part-time; full-time shared between academics at KVA and training at another institution; distance learners; and students who start or complete their programs at KVA at non-traditional school start and end dates. We can accomodate a wide variety of learners and programs here at KVA.

Full-Time and Part-time Enrollments (Summer School 2018 will be Distance, based around availability of teachers)

Our full-time students attend KVA daily. For many the day starts at 8am and ends at 3pm. Usually the focus in the morning is academics and the afternoon is for specialty programs such as dance, yoga, music, drama and art.  This is not a strict system, and often presentations and programs are scheduled first thing in the morning to accommodate everything that day.

Part-time students at KVA take one or more courses and tend to work around their own schedules. Attendance on-site is based on their available time and their plans to achieve the outcomes over the program period. In some cases part-time students do most of their work at the KVA facility, while other part-time students work from home through Google Classroom and attend for labs, assessment, seminars and group work, or for other activities integral to their programs.

This year we can support summer learners through our Distance program.  We are not hosting an in-school, regularly scheduled program this summer at KVA.  Rather, any summer students will be enrolled in and supported through our Google Classroom system.  This allows for flexibility for both students and teachers.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. MacDonald directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text him at 902 402 9666.

Flexible and Continuous Enrollment

KVA welcomes students at any point during the school year. Student progress and success is based on that student's ability (supported by KVA staff) to set goals and progress through mastering course outcomes. Each learner takes a unique approach to this.

If you are a student transferring to KVA after the school year has started, we are happy to review and credit you for your progress at your previous school, and create a program that continues precisely where you left off.

If, as a KVA student, you complete a course before the end of the course period, we encourage you to revisit your goals and, if possible, start another course. We do not enforce a specific school year (in terms of the time it takes all students to complete a course) but encourage all students to work at their optimum pace and, if possible, complete courses ahead of schedule and immediately pick up the next course.

Admissions Process

These are the usual steps that prospective KVA students follow when applying to KVA:

  1. Learn about the school.  Check out the website. Contact us. You can call us at 902-429-5434, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us through our website form here.  Ask questions. Book a visit to the school. Schedule a meeting with the principal.  Please be thorough.  It is very important that you understand any academic program well before choosing it.
  2. Assess and decide if KVA is a good fit for your learning needs.
  3. Apply: Fill out forms (registration, school records request, teacher recommendations) and submit them, along with the Application fee ($120 for residents, $500 for non-residents).
  4. We will review your application, school records, cum. file, teacher and community recommendations, and ask questions if needed, and respond.  If we believe that you will be successful here as a student, we will respond with a letter stating this as well as outlining the tuition and fees, payment schedule, and penalties.
  5. Negotiate tuition and fees payment.
  6. When the finances are agreed upon we will issue a Letter of Acceptance to King's View Academy, which will include the agreed upon tuition and fees schedule.
  7. Participate in our Student Assessment which includes a variety of instruments that will tell us your current abilities in a variety of subjects so that we can start you at an appropriate place along your learning path.

Downloadable Registration Forms

Downloadable Tuition, Fees and Payment Policy documents (last updated March 30, 2018)

Emergency Health Insurance

King's View Academy now offers Emergency Health Insurance through Guard.Me. The cost is $450.00 for the school year (300 days).

Residency House

King's View Academy has a number of partners who offer residency opportunities and home-stay for those who desire a safe and comfortable place to live, supervised, readily accessible to bus routes, and provided meals.  If you are interested in finding out availability and more specific information, please inquire.